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Modern Consulting Services to Navigate Today’s Business Challenges

It’s easy to get swept away by the rising tide each day. As a leader, you may wonder – are you going in the right direction? Which way is next? It’s ok to ask a guide for help; our business strategy consulting resources are what you need to adapt and navigate these complex waters. Let us show you the way forward.

About Our Mission For Doing Good

Consulting Pros is driven by a mission to help companies improve for the greater good. 


Your company provides a valuable service or solution in your industry, and we want to help you deliver the best services or solutions possible. 


You employ a team of individuals, and we want to help you keep those employees happy and satisfied in their jobs. 


You have personal goals in mind, and we want to help you achieve them to lead a more fulfilled life.


There is good in everything we do, and we approach every problem with the intention of delivering positive results.

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Accelerate Your Journey to Greatness With Business Consulting Services

With an experienced business solutions consultant by your side, no problem is too significant to tackle. Our team has helped companies:

  • Create fair and equitable compensation packages to entice and retain top talent.

  • Develop lean processes to protect against over-hiring, avoid future layoffs, and increase profits.

  • Increase revenue streams through targeted vertical development and intentional channel expansion.


Our skilled leaders will help you resolve concerns faster, using modern solutions to enable greater business success.

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A Business Management Consultant For You

Business Consulting

As the business environment evolves, so must you.

Our business consulting firm’s core belief is that change is necessary for sustainable success.

Leadership Development

Developing the next generation of leaders is a necessary component for the future success of your company. Let us help you broaden perspectives and motivate learning to reach your maximum potential.

Executive Coaching

Consulting companies can help leaders grow in confidence and perspective. We can help you bring your best skills and leadership talents forward to guide your company in a new direction.

Software Consulting

Advancements in technology have created a gap within the marketplace. Prepare your organization for a digital transformation with our solutions-oriented IT consulting services.

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Small Business Consulting Services With Big Impact

There are management consulting firms that only focus on enterprise businesses, but we are skilled in assisting small and mid-sized companies to address their most critical concerns and discover growth opportunities. 


A small business consultant can provide value in many industries, geographies, and business areas, including strategy, marketing, organization, operations, finance, and technology. Let us assess your SMB needs and provide a plan to tackle your most pressing problems and accelerate business success.

Andrew, KS

"Consulting Pros helped our team to develop the website our clients wanted, find new software and solutions to better enable our partners, and expand our go to market strategy within our industry."

Consider the Before and After Picture

You understand what your business is today, where you fall short, and where you see opportunity. Now, consider what your business could be after a business consulting engagement.

Uncover Opportunity Around Every Corner 

You can’t see gaps, but they’re the root cause of frustration. Our business consultants are skilled in identifying these gaps and strategizing a way to address them. You have a good business, but with minor adjustments, you could have a fantastic and growing business.


Let’s draw up plans to address:


  • Go-to-market uncertainty - we have comprehensive GTM experience and bring creativity to your market opportunity exploration processes.

  • Limited sales opportunity - we have helped clients unlock and develop new sales channels to increase sales opportunities.

  • Missing analytics - we believe in making data-driven decisions and can lead you in developing and incorporating data analytics into decision-making processes.

  • Leaders with little confidence and motivation - we have Fortune 500 executive leadership coaching experience and will work to uncover the limiting beliefs holding leaders back from growth and change.

  • Unsynchronized culture - employees are your most valuable assets and can lead you in creating a culture you can be proud of.

  • Unable to scale - we have experience helping SMBs scale to achieve their growth goals. This includes adding automation to processes and implementing new software programs.

Outdated technology - we will help you modernize everything, including your technology, as it is extremely valuable in delivering the highest quality customer service.

consulting companies
management consulting firms
corporate finance consulting firms


  • High employee turnover

  • Laying off staff as business ebbs and flows

  • Maxed out market opportunity

  • Too expensive to scale for growth

  • Outdated technology caused disruptions and poor customer experience


  • Employees developing into leaders, a welcoming culture defines your business

  • Use a lean process to determine when it’s time to hire new staff

  • Begin marketing in new ways to new verticals and channels

  • Automation makes work more efficient and easier to scale as needed

  • New technology makes the customer experience smooth, and customers are more satisfied


Change Your Perspective, Change Your Business For the Better 

Leaders are plagued with blind spots because they are too close to the action. By inviting Consulting Pros into your business, we can help uncover the gaps standing in the way of your business moving forward. Let us help you identify, fix, and accelerate your business in the right direction.

All of our business consulting services start with a one-hour discovery consultation to uncover your areas of need and discuss how we could lead your business in achieving its goals. Business performance consulting begins with understanding where you’re at today and where you want to go.

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Adjust to Market Dynamics With Business Strategy Consulting 

As part of our business consulting services, we will use operating expenses, staff expenses, and bottom-line revenue to develop a strategy matching today’s industry outlook and needs. When was the last time you made adjustments to your business structure or processes after reviewing your corporate finances? Of course, these things should be adjusted over time as opportunities develop with the launch of new technologies, automation, and the need to train employees in new leadership roles.

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